The Many Different Perspectives of Faith

by Oneyda

To have faith in you requires a lot of work. Anyone who tells you its easy has not struggled in life. Faith tests you more than you can possibly think. Let us start with an example.

My faith was tested hardcore a few years ago. I was going through yet another life transition. I found myself homeless with my child. It was the worse feeling possible. I could not believe I had hit rock bottom. My daughter was with her father and his mother. Every night I cried because my daughter was not with me. Thankfully, my friend was there for me; he never let me crumble. I eventually stop feeling sorry for myself and resolved to get my life back together. It took a month of hardcore searching for a job and a home; which I found rather quickly. My mother opened her home to me and my daughter was back with me.

This is not my happy ending, yet. I continued to struggle with every turn a new test was thrown at me. It did not matter to me. I faced those obstacles with courage and faith for I knew I would get through it. Deep down inside I knew I could face anything. I had already been without my daughter for a month. Nothing, I faced would or could be worse than that.

My faith grew every day. The world seemed less cruel; in fact I saw the beauty in the world. I wasn’t jaded but I was scared. I would have moments of pure fear but at the time one of my soul sisters reminded me how fear worked. “Where is your faith”?!? She would say to me. I would stop and search for it; not realizing it was all in me.

Faith is trusting in yourself; it’s facing that obstacle dead in the eye and knowing you are going to walk out of it unharmed. Faith is knowing that even in a negative situation there is a positive. Its knowing you are strong and a believer in the beautiful intricacies of life.

A lot of people confuse hope with faith but there’s a big difference. Hope is going to go buy the lotto and hoping you will win. Faith is buying the same lotto ticket and knowing you are going to win. Even if it is just $10 but you knew you were going to win.

All those sayings you hear, “keep the faith”, “have the faith” and “take a leap of faith”; is all the same. It means believe in you!!! No one else does or will. Remind yourself you are strong; you in fact can face anything life throws at you. When you finally accept this you will see the beauty in everything. You will see the guidance provided by the universe. By facing life and resolving to live it you have just made a promise to yourself that you in fact can face all that you see!!!

Take that leap of faith and trust you will land on your feet. Trust in the process; change your fear into fuel to help you along the way. Keeping the faith is so much easier than you know. Have the faith in yourself; otherwise you would not have stumbled upon this article about faith ;-)

The Importance of Loving Yourself
Part one:
by April Camacho

Loving yourself and forgiveness. I think perhaps these
are the two hardest things for us a species to learn, and
nearly impossible to master. What is love anyway? How
does one define it in a world that is terribly devoid
of it? The definition can be a very personal one for
most individuals. I define love as an all encomapssing
feeling of acceptance and positivity. Not only in what
you recieve but in what you give out. Love is not
exactly a simple feeling, it's a state of being. It's
something I've only recently learned although I've been
living this life for nearly 40 years. Love was not
something I knew growing up, I read an awful lot about
it and I saw what it was supposed to look like on tv
but I never experienced it for myself until I was an

  Love, whether towards yourself or towards others, is
the single most important thing we can give in our
life. It's the reason we are put on this earth, in
every lifetime we experience. Now you might say well no
one has ever loved me so why should i love myself or
how can i love others when i have not known love? the
answer is simple, to know love you must be love. you
must accept and respect yourself first, and maybe thats
where forgiveness comes in. You must forgive yourself
your trangressions, and in turn forgive others theres
if for nothing else but peace of mind. You must know
you are worthy of forgiveness and therefore worthy of
love in order to become it.