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The land of Arymin is in peril. The Creature, an ancient being from the Darkness, has arisen to steal the Kaummi (Spirit) of all Aryminians. The brand-new Masters need all the help they can get. Will the previous Masters, and the Entities, the gods of this land, help them conquer this beast before it destroys their world? Will Lenian, the wonder child, be able to awaken his Talents in order to point the Masters in the right direction? The first book in the Arymin trilogy, Arymin: Elements of Fire and Earth, follows the young Masters as they begin to meet the challenges of leading their people.

Our tale begins many years after the Trojan War, fought over “the fairest” of all, Helen of Troy. Mankind coveted the fabled Golden Apple of Eris for centuries, including the goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Many have lost their lives over this one treasure. Now it sits guarded over by a select few. The Golden Guardians who are worthy enough to keep it safe from those who would abuse its hidden powers. Until one day, when everything starts falling apart and enemies are successful in stealing the Golden Apple. Now it's up to the Golden Guardians to get it back or the world as we know it will be destroyed in chaos.